Nikola Tesla Imagination Summary

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Thesis: How Nikola Tesla transformed the 20th Century with his imagination. A wild imagination some considered a clinical mental disorder attributing to his rise and fall. The goal of this biography is to focus on Nikola Tesla’s imagination. His imagination and thought process was unique in the fact that we could visualize many complex processes all from memory. He often followed a reverse approach to his methodology. He rarely built a device from a draft of paper or plans. He tested and proved concept all in his imagination. The same imagination also proved to detrimental to his later life. The goal is not to diagnose Telsa with a specific mental disorder, but to analyze his decision making process and synthesize his traits with other…show more content…
doi:10.1007/s12045-007-0020-7 This article is highly technical. It is most definitely written electrical engineers. It details the discovery of electro-magnetic induction. The author also repeats the fact that alternating current was superior to direct current and how the entire world changed because of Tesla. The author notes how DC power had many limits and was expensive and inefficient where AC power could be produced in larger quantities and be transported over longer distances. The peer-reviewed article was published in the Resonance technical journal. It is very technical but I found it easy to read if I skimmed past the idiosyncrasies on why AC power was better than DC power. The purpose of this article was to make a valid argument why Tesla was right. I was most fascinated by a story when Tesla was arguing with his professor why DC power was inferior after a demonstration of a DC generator creating sparks. Tesla argued that an AC generator was superior only to be mocked and ridiculed by his professor. I plan to apply this story to my biography and try to draw a conclusion that this moment may have been defining discovery; a discovery not only in AC power, but a growing thirst and drive for Tesla to invent. A personal battle that intensified in his later years and struggles and failure with wireless transmissions of AC
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