The Theories Of Organizational Culture In Nursing

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Organizational Theory Introduction The organizational culture in which I am currently employed is innovative, teamwork, team building and learning. Working in the emergency room (ER), we must all work together as a team to provide the best quality care to the patients. The organizational culture consists of many different members. There are physicians, physician’s assistants (PA), nurses, nursing assistants (NA), physical therapists, radiology technologists, social workers, medical and technical professionals, administrative personnel and important support staff including food services, housekeeping, building maintenance and financial services. Therefore, teamwork makes the ER run more smoothly to get the patient in and out in the shortest…show more content…
The framework of this facility; is providing safe quality health care in a cost-effective manner while respecting the dignity and uniqueness of everyone they serve. Their vision is to enhance the quality of life and safety of each person they serve. According, to Baker (2002), culture was initially seen as a means of enhancing internal integration and coordination (p. 4. para.2). By enhancing internal integration and coordination the culture will have strong but limited fundamentals of assumptions, values and…show more content…
After reviewing the four theories of organizational culture more in-depth, the one that best fits the healthcare facility is the involvement/participation hypothesis, which is the idea that involvement and participation will contribute to a sense of responsibility and ownership and, hence, organizational commitment and loyalty (Baker, 2002, p.5). The involvement or participatory hypothesis, employees discuss strategies to improve the healthcare facility. It’s called the Fisher-Titus way, we meet every week for six weeks, there is a topic of choice and a project to complete with a presentation at the end of the six weeks. Employees from all departments participate in which they are divided into small groups. This activity gets staff out of their department, works on team building, learning from each other, improving the organizational culture and getting to know other staff members of the healthcare facility. Therefore, this hypothesis allows employees to be involved with the decisions making, improving the culture, promoting growth and development, enables employees to become strong leaders and to adapt to changes with the organizational
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