The Theory Of Motivation For Costco

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Motivation is the process through which people are stimulated to increase their actions and performances to accomplish the set goals for an organization or a company. Costco, a retail store created a culture that motivates its employee to keep coming back to work. The stimulating key factors for Costco employees are desire for getting more pay, opportunities for promotion, ability to be treated with respect by the headship of the company as family, and recognition by the customers to provide good customer service at low price. This paper has not only discussed the strongest motivational factors for Costco employee, but it equally suggested another motivational system that can allow employees to select their valued benefits from a list
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Costco being a retailing giant with 715 stores and whose worldwide sales trail with Walmart, which has 11,528 stores and Amazon, that ranked into second place. Costco is the world’s largest seller of choice and prime beef, organic foods, rotisserie chicken, and wine, and it supplies more nuts than Planters. Its private label, Kirkland Signature generates more revenues than the Coca-Cola Co from selling thing that ranges from packaged goods, beverages to apparel. With the standards that Costco has maintained, Costco’s success to retaining its employees can be attributed its low prices and good customer service. Compared to many discount retail establishments, where assigned clerk might answer customers’ questions, most Costco employees are motivated and interested to helping the customers. Officials are convinced that this is an extension of the company’s friendly relations with its employees (Neal, Gabler,…show more content…
A good leader or manager is a leading servant that serves and motivates the people placed under his/her authority and focuses toward a common vision and goal. It is also important for leader/manager to actively listen to other team members, otherwise employees may think that the leader/manager lack interest in whatever they are willing to contribute to the organization. Effective management is to develop the potentials of his/her subordinates by assigning a role of leadership to
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