Rational Action Theory

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The Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA), developed together by Martin Fishbein and Icek Ajzen suggests that an individual’s actions and decisions are done with the intention or reason that functions and cooperates with his/her subjective norm and attitude.
The TRA predicts behavioral intent based on two factors: our attitudes and norms. Whenever our attitude lead us to do one thing but the relevant norms suggest we do something else (Azjen & Fizben, 1980). An intention is a plan, likelihood or determination to attain or accomplish something. It is a cognitive representation of a person’s readiness to perform a certain or given behaviour. A plan that someone will behave in a particular way in specific situations – whether or not they actually do
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It is normal for our society today to treat online shopping as a ‘trend’ and accept that the action is a good thing. We are influenced by our peers and we do things to unconsciously satisfy the people around us. With millennials having the power to change the current trends, it is no wonder why a lot of teenagers use online shopping. Not only does it spread widely all over the world, but there are also certain factors that encourages the people to frequently use online shopping. The Theory of Planned Behavior (TBA), was proposed by Icek Ajzen to improve their theory about the Theory of Reasoned Action. However, the theory focuses on explaining the behavior of an individual comes from the attitude of an individual still influenced by his/her’s beliefs, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral…show more content…
As explained above, it is the structures that influence an individual on what is the right or wrong thing to do. Attitude is the overall feelings by buyers on how good or not online shopping is towards them, what he/she may benefit if she bought the product, will he/she be satisfied with the product, etc. Perceived behavioral control is about the facilitating conditions that enable one to shop online and the confidence levels of buyers in shopping online. A major advantage of this model is that it studies behavior aspect of individual and their eventual behavior towards a certain
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