Personal Narrative-The Thief Of Sorrow

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The Thief of Sorrow Is this the worst life anyone has lived? Does this have to happen to me? Why did I do this at first? It is my forty second birthday! How can I live till forty two years old only! I thought. Four Years Ago It was a great sunday morning. With a beautiful sunshine, a nice weather, and a normal day with the Tudors. It could be one of the best days. “David! Time for breakfast! You’re going to see the execution today at ten o’ clock. Remember Liam Jackson? The murderer? He murdered….my wife”, I said with a sorrow voice. “Sad”, answered David. “ I remember when my own mother….nevermind. But at least the murderer is going to die today! Happy to know that!…show more content…
I was out of breath, struggling for air with my sweat dripping down, and no water. And I collapsed. “Father!” David called. I woke up with eyes blurred. And in the background I heard: “Blindfold yourself. Now. May God bless you and your family”. The shiny axe awakened my eyes. Soon after, blood splashed to everyone. And the beheading process is done. And the executioner took Liam’s head up, grabbed a stick, and stuffed it right on. And Liam’s brother looked furiously super outraged. And then he burst into tears. As we ran back and hid, we heard him say that he will do all promises his brother did; take revenge on David’s father. And that is me. My heart stumbled. 2 Years Later “Son, I’m back!” I called. There was no answer. I checked in his room, it’s empty. I was searching for everywhere. And I saw the broken door. With blood dripping down the door. He murdered my son. I exploded crying. And now, I will go kill Noah Jackson. After hours and hours of searching and sobbing, I couldn’t find him. He has to be hidden somewhere. When the rain came, the muddy sand reveals footsteps. And then I followed where it went, took my knife out, and now, I am ready. I killed him. 2 More Years Later.. “No, No, No!” I
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