The Thing In The Forest Essay

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In Both “ The Thing in the Forest” and “ A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” setting is dark. In “The Thing in the Forest” sets is in England during World War II. In order to keep their civilians safe mainly Children, the British government sent the children away to a safer area away from the bombs. In. “ The Thing in the Forest” that’s what happened to penny and primrose. They had met one another on the train and followed each other everywhere. In “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” sets in Pelayo and Elisenda’s courtyard. Their courtyard is in a small town with no name that the readers know of. The readers aren’t informed with the year setting however we can tell its somewhere with a blend of local tradition and global Catholicism.…show more content…
In “The Thing in the Forest” the goodie would be alys. She was described as the youngest child at the manner. She had curly blonde hair with fair white skin and bright blue eyes. She was represented as penny’s and primrose’s innocence. The baddie would be the worm as known as the thing in the story. The monster was described a miserable. The thing was described to look like a monster version of a turnip. The face was triangular shape. The author wrote half a page dedicated to describing the monster features. The thing represents the war. If you think about it the growing up during the war time makes those children innocence die within themselves. Instead of worrying about what game to play with their friends they’re stuck worrying if their families would still be alive. The universal truth would be the war that was going on around them at the time. The problem of the story is how the girls reacted after seeing the thing swallow alys. Once they got away that day both of the girls changed completely. They stopped doing things together and become very distant from others. Both lose their fathers and both mothers reacted differently penny’s mother grieved many years after the world war II, while primrose’s mother moved on with many men and had
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