The Thing In The Forest Short Story

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“Creating ones path and Finding the path you are suppose to take depends on the person you are”
In the stories Boys and Girls and The thing in the forest, you find three girls who find themselves battling with what is going on in there lives. They are growing older and fighting who they are going to become and trying to figure out why they have become the persons they are. Each author takes a different approach in there writings but ultimately both of these stories have a set point in with a moment changes there lives for ever.

Boys and girls prints out a very well writing story. Every bit of detail that can be giving is in this short story. The writer makes sure the reader understands completely what is going on from beginning to end. The
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The thing is something that they all have in common, even though there not even sure it 's real. I think this is the reason why I didn 't like this story as much. "The thing in the woods" was very hard for me to grasp and honestly I still don 't full understand its point. The theme this story tries to create is that of something every person will see differently. As I keep reading this story my idea of what is actually going on constantly changes.
Both of these stories although different they explain the same theme, and that’s dealing with an event early on in life that shapes who they become. In “Boys and Girls” it’s the girl coming to realize what she thinks of her self doesn’t match what people expect from her. In “The thing in the forest” it’s the two girls coming to a conclusion that the thing they thing they think they saw made a big impact on who they became. These are two completely different routes but in the end they surve the same purpose. “She was plotting now to get me to stay in the house more, although she knew I hated it ( because she knew I hated it ) and keep me from working for my father.” (Munro) This is a great example of how her vision of herself doesn’t match the vision of who she is sappose to be. I actually thing this line could fit in each story and serve
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