The Things I Carry My Autobiography

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The things I carry are what makes me the person I am today, my intangible and tangible objects are equally as valuable. The thing I carry which sets me apart from the majority of our peers is my lacrosse stick. To me my lacrosse stick represents my drive and perseverance through everyday struggles. My lacrosse stick holds a great weight considering me without my lacrosse stick is like a baseball player with no arm to pitch with. I carry my lacrosse stick with great pride, my lacrosse stick has shaped me to become the student-athlete I am today. Without my lacrosse stick i’m not sure where I would be today, I definitely would not have the values, experiences, and qualities that I have obtained over the past 6 years through carrying
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The thing that I carry with me is doubt, doubt in myself as an athlete and as a team player. When is it ever a good time to make a life changing decisions? When is it ever the right decision? The doubt that surrounds my every decisions and long term decisions makes me doubt my every move. I carry doubt for the reason that when you’re a captain every player on the team looks up to you, they challenge you to make the right decision for the entire team. Without the doubt that I carry I wouldn 't make the important decisions I make on a daily basis, I believe that the doubt helps my fast paced life slow down for a second, I forces me to rethink every decision in order to insure a positive outcome. Being a captain has brought in a lot of doubt to my everyday decision making and it begins to weigh hard on me in tough or extreme decision making moments. Some days when the doubt begins to weigh me down I do wish I didn 't have to carry it, I wish I could just set it down and be carefree, but without it I wouldn’t have the qualities I have acquired such as leadership and mental
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