The Things I Learned In High School

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Everyone in high school looks to one thing their whole 4 years of high school that is graduation I never really realized it till it hit me I 'm a senior in high school and I have no idea what I am doing I have a 2.0 GPA and I never really took school seriously I 've learned a lot of very important lessons these past 4 years.The first thing I learned is to enjoy life at the moment because time flies very quickly in the blink of an eye you 're all grown up. The second thing I learned was you should have fun but not too much fun there are things I regret and then there are the things I know I did right. I 've made some really bad decisions but I 've also made some really good ones Mistakes are a major fear for us humans but if we didn 't make mistakes we wouldn 't ever learn.There are gonna be times when we 're scared but there 's nothing bigger than fear than fear its self. Imagine when I was a child I wanted to ride a bike,but I was afraid of falling so my parents added training wheels then when I was older they took them off I got on it without the trading wheels and I fell I hurt myself pretty bad I didn 't ever want to go back on that bike again but my brother encouraged me to do it so one day I grabbed the bike and I got on it and forgot all about the fact that the training wheels were off I rode it and I didn 't fall from that day on I rode my bike and I 'd fall here and there but I kept on doing it till I didn 't anymore if I 'd never gotten the courage to
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