Guilt In Tim O 'Brien's The Things They Carried'

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ENG IV 3.5 Outline/Graphic Organizer Gibson I. —Introduction Attn. grabber (Fact; anecdote; quote; startling statistic; etc . . .) “Great is the guilt of unnecessary war” - John Adams this portrays one of the main feelings of men and women that fought in Vietnam. General Statement regarding topic (name of author & title of text) In the book “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien shows a time before, after, and during war were guilt is often felt and is blamed on and made out to be many different thing from a girl back home to their own negligence to a situation Narrow to specifics of topic The guilt of war should be on nothing but war itself, the battle is the root of all suffering. THESIS STATEMENT Provides…show more content…
One feels guilt which eventually leads to shame and a feeling of remorse. C. Support reason #2 Brené Brown says that “guilt and shame are two different things but we often combine them as if they were one.” I think this perfectly portrays what is happens to the soldiers in “ The Things They Carried” and veterans today guilt and shame are two totally different feelings yet are closely related when talked about. IV. —Body Paragraph #3: Introduce and support your most important/powerful supportive idea with two pieces of evidence. Topic Sentence (Something reader doesn’t already know) I feel the title of the book “The Things They Carried” is not only a mental image of physical labor but a deeper insight to emotional burdens experienced by soldiers B. Support reason #1 Early themes in the beginning of the book point to the feeling of guilt and shame from not making the choice of going to war the thought to flee or fight a common human instincts were you going to be a “coward” in the public view and not fight or make the choice to defend your countries freedoms C. Support reason
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