The Things They Carried Lies Vs Lie

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In The Things They Carried, a collection of stories written by Tom O’Brien, the narrator is forced to choose between his morals and the future of his life.In the summer of 1968, the narrator received the notice that he was drafted to service in the war. “[He] was too good for this war”(39), he was Phi Beta Kappa, class president and had a scholarship to Harvard, but that didn’t make a difference. None of those things could have saved him from a war in which he did not believe in. The only way which he could save himself would be to create a lie. The importance of honesty
Honestly can cause a more negative repercussion than lying. When the narrator was faced with his decision about whether to comply to his draft notice, he goes through a series
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Everyone is told at a young age that lies are bad or that you shouldn’t lie and for children of younger ages that is a great policy to go by. But as life becomes less sheltered, lying becomes more of an everyday occurrence. I constantly find myself lying about little details. Most of the time it’s with people I barely know. I don’t know exactly why I chose to lie, made it that when someone assumes something to be true about myself, I’d rather not embarrass them. Last week I was just buying a new binder from Staples, the cashier asks if I went to East. I answered yes, since I did in fact go there for freshman year, but I just from my answer, she automatically assumed that I must have graduated since I no longer attended the school. It also could have been the fact I had Duke has written across my sweatshirt in obnoxiously large letters. But she proceeds to tell me all about her roommate at college and asked me about mine. I could have easily corrected her and said that I’m not actually in college, but instead I made up a story about my college roommate. I guess the reason for my lie was I didn 't want to make the sustain awkward or make her feel embarrassed for making a harmless assumption. Maybe I’m the only person who does this, but unlike the narrator I find that lying isn’t as hard of a task for me. I don 't know if that makes me a so called bad person for lying so easily or whether the importance of honestly drastically
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