The Things They Carried: Poem Analysis

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Heroes are everywhere Literature is full of characters that people may say are heroic. The first book, “The Odyssey” is an epic poem written by Homer, taking place in ancient Greece, where Odysseus the main character lives. The second book, “The Things They Carried” is a fiction piece by Tim O’Brien, taking place in Vietnam where Tim O’Brien, one of the main characters is stationed in the war. People you least expect can show heroism in different ways. Odysseus and Norman are heroic because they do stuff for people others would not do. Odysseus from The Odyssey is heroic because when he and his men passed through the Sirens he made his men plug their ears and he endured the pain. Homer is talking to the reader when he says ‘“Come this way,…show more content…
Tim O’Brien talking to the reader when he says “he had been braver than he had ever thought possible, but how he had not been so brave as he wanted to be.” (Page 152) If this did not happen then Norman would never had mentioned not wining the Silver Star. Norman tried to save a life and other would have only cared about himself or herself and not save anyone else.
The two characters in the two books do something heroic to help or try to help others. Odysseus tells his men to cover their ears so save them from the pain. Norman tried to save a life. Odysseus and Norman both try to help someone. This connection is important because in The Odyssey when you meet Odysseus he comes off as conceited. With Norman it is surprising that he would try to save someone’s life when he was saved and at safety. The two characters show heroism in unrespecting ways. Norman and Odysseus are heroic because they did things that normal people would not do. These books are connected because Norman and Odysseus did something they didn’t have to do but wanted to do. Heroism can be showed by the people you least expect to show it. Also helping others can go a long way. My thesis and theme relate to each other because the people you least expected can do heroic things for other

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