The Third And Final Continent Short Story

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III Story: The story "The Third and Final Continent" for the large part sums up Lahiri 's major arguments, written in form of memories of the past as it is recollected by the unnamed narrator and protagonist, we see multiple displacements and initial troubles of a young immigrant who later successfully assimilates and emerges triumphant. The narrator left India as a young man in the year 1964. He stayed in London as a penniless Bengali bachelor along with many others like him before moving to Boston, Massachusetts. It 's during his short stay as a tenant at old Mrs.Croft house that he comes to know about the differences and about the peculiarities of his own identity. Mrs.Croft, an old woman almost 103 years old, independent and ferocious lived all alone in her house. Still refusing to part with the glory of yesteryears, she takes pride in being a white woman. She is particular about renting her room "only Harvard and Tech in this house"(179). Since she feels that they are well behaved and elite, suiting her status. What mattered to her most was that "There is an American flag on the moon... A flag on the moon, boy! I heard on the radio! Isn 't that splendid?" (179). She kept on repeating the same thing every evening when he met her. In spite of her eccentricities and hostile nature, the narrator had immense respect for her. After knowing more about her life through her sixty eight-year-old daughter Helen, he admired her strength to live for another forty years after her

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