The Third-Class Carriage Essay

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I chose to critique an oil on canvas painting titled, “The Third-Class Carriage”, by, Honoré Daumier. I visited The Met Museum online, and saw this particular painting. It stood out to me, and I was drawn to the real life imagery it shows. The breastfeeding mother in the front of the painting captured my eye. As a former nursing mother myself, this drew me into the painting, connecting it with my real life. The use of dark colors mixed with lighter areas, allowed me to see the painting as a whole. The painting was relatable to me, and I am sure it is to many others as well. Showing real life situations, and how one copes with it all. I was intrigued by the painting and am happy to share my thoughts, and criticism on the work of art. The…show more content…
These relationships allow the painting to show a clear subject matter, the mother and baby, the old man, and young boy, all centered in the painting. The mans eyes are focused on the painter, thus creating an “all-at-onceness” experience. Having one focus on his eyes gazing back at you. The use of colors and oil paint, allow the painting to thrive and stand out to ones sensa. Thus, allowing the representation of light, which can be seen through the rail-car windows, and beaming off the passengers faces. The use of lighter and darker shading within the painting, allow your eyes to move gracefully throughout, while also allowing you to focus on the main points of the painting with ease, capturing the painting as a whole let 's one enjoy it 's true meaning. The use of many strong relationships throughout, great subject matter, and use of oil paint, help to make this painting a great work of art overall. I am unsure of what something like this may sell for, but evaluating this work of art myself, I may not rate it a masterpiece by any means. Be that as it may, it is still a wonderful work of art, with no confusing aspects to what the artist was trying to capture. The painting clearly allows one to have a participative experience, which allows one to see all its beauty and
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