The Third Pig In Flannery O Connor's The Three Little Pigs

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A treacherous wolf is waiting outside the pigs home, growing more and more impatient to gnaw down on him and satisfy his hunger. He threatens to demolish his home and tear him apart if he does not let him in. What would you do in a situation like this?The first two pigs in “The Three Little Pigs” could not adapt fast enough to this scenario which resulted in their death, but the third pig managed to work his way around the wolf's tactics and give him a taste of his own medicine. When the pigs were told by their mothers to leave and fend for themselves, the first two pigs were not very clever seeing as they built their homes of straw and furze. Unlike his brothers, the third pig is clearly intelligent as he built his home out of brick, something the wolf would not be able to blow down.Seeing as the third pig was intelligence, arrogant, and lively it is clear that the third pig is the most admirable.
Initially, the third pig’s intelligence is evident in his personality. When the wolf tries to trick the pig into leaving his home to get turnips the pig easily manages to find a way
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When the wolf tries to trick the third pig into getting out of his house, the pig is always one step ahead of him. He treats the feud between himself and the wolf like a game. The quote that could best represent the third pig's liveliness comes on page 22 after the pig had just gotten away from the wolf by hiding in the butter churn,”Hah! I frightened you, did I? I had been to the Fair and bought a butter-churn, and when I saw you I got into it and rolled down the hill”(22). Due to the fact that the pig is laughing at how he outsmarted the wolf, this shows that he is excited and thrilled at what he did. This makes him an admirable character as even though there is a wolf continuously trying to eat him up, rather than being scared and enclosed he is joyful and looks at the positive side of
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