The Third Reich: The Nazi Youth Movement

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In the times of the Third Reich, the Nazi Youth Movement was in full force by requiring all youth to participate in a youth organization brought up by the Nazis in some way, shape, or form. The extent of the Nazi party mobilizing the youth was a success because of the mandatory requirement for the children to actively participate and the reason the Nazi party succeeded was because of the enormous amount of persuasion, motivation, and encouragement the Nazis demonstrated to the youth through propaganda. The Nazis understood that securing the youth in society was a step forward in their campaign for power. The Nazis didn’t want to scare away the young by forcing them to do tasks that they wouldn’t enjoy or like to take part in, but rather they…show more content…
By the youth hearing this and eventually believing this, they mentally became prepared to serve and fight for their country. The Nazis wanted to instill these values in the young so that eventually they could pass it on to future generations of Nazi Youth. The girls in particular were focused on by the Nazis because they Nazis saw the girls as the future family leader. If the Nazis could make future mothers understand the party’s social and internal values, then it would be significantly easier to influence the future youth. The youth wasn’t just influenced by propaganda posters and local announcements, but also the countries very own leader, Adolf Hitler. Hitler made it clear that he wanted a youth organization that would demonstrate Nazi values and make a stronger Nazi future when he said, “I want my Hitler Youth to be tough as leather, hard as Krupp steel, and fast as Windhunde” (Mahlendorf 95). By Hitler saying this, it influenced the youth exponentially. It’s easy for a poster to display recruitment, but when the leader of a country does it, then it’s a different situation. This gained mass support and by 1939, 8.7 million youth were part of the organization (Moeller 84). The integration of children into a political party made it easy for the Nazis to gain widespread support throughout Germany so that when the war began, people wouldn’t oppose it, or at least be too afraid to oppose
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