The Third River Analysis

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Growing up in a single parents house is difficult for any child. You have to grow up with just the guidance of both parents. You don 't get they love from the mother or the strictness of their father. The children who have to go through this tragic event go through a lot of denial, grief and even depression. You have to watch your parents go from loving each other, to being pushed so far apart. I have gone through this, my parents got a divorce when I was eleven years old. I remember not believing that my parents were separating, until my mom moved out of the house and took us with her. The pain I felt after my parents left was the worse I have ever felt. After that I started to develop an attitude and not a care for anyone else. In the poem “ Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note” and the story “ The Third Bank of the River” both the families suffer from one of the parents being gone. They suffer from not having the guidance and watching the parent left behind suffer and in pain. Divorce only leads to pain, suffering and agony by those affected.…show more content…
The feeling of when a parent leaves is you are lost. You don 't know which way to turn and whether or not it is the right path. You feel like you just lost a part of you because you don 't get the guidance of both parents. This entails the parent left behind to do it all and try their best to teach you the right way. The mother in the story told the father, “ If you go away, stay away. Don 't ever come back! ”(384). The children don 't know why their father just left and are embarrassed because it seems their father is crazy. The mother never called for the father to come back, instead after many years the family moved away all except the son. The mother was in pain as were the children because it was as if their father had died, because he didn 't come back or respond to
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