The Third Twin Essay

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The Third Twin

How would you feel if you suddenly found out you had a sibling you never knew about? My SSR book, “The Third Twin” by Cynthia J. Omololu is about a crazy situation like this. This story was about how two twins, Ava and Alexa, get framed for murders happening in the area. Then, later in the story, they meet there triplet and believe she’s the killer. I rated this book a six and a half out of ten. This was because all though it had a good storyline, it was very predictable. I realized that even though the title of the book is “ The Lost Twin” this story’s main problem is not the fact that Ava and Alexa have a triplet they never knew about. As Ava and Alexa are trying to hide from the cops, they see someone just like them standing outside of the building. That person was Rubi, their triplet. The ironic part of them finding their triplet is that they dress up as an alter ego named Alicia, and go out with guys. The guys they go out wit are the
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She first had me convinced that Ava was the killer. The cops had pictures of someone who looked just like the sisters at the kill scene, and we knew Alexa didn’t do it. Alexa then looks in Ava’s closet and finds she has the exact same jacket as the girl in the picture. She then made it seem like Zane, Alexa’s friend, was the killer. He admits to Alexa that he has had a crush on her for a long time and says that all the guys she’s been talking to aren’t good enough for her. He also tells her not to tell the cops when she finds the dead body of another one of her dates. Omololu then make it seem like the third twin, Rubi, is the killer. If that was the case, it would explain why the people in the photos looked exactly like them. Rubi also shows up at the police department seemingly going to act as Alicia. We find out however, that although she has been dressing as Alicia, she never went out with the same guys as Ava and
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