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Sean Ye Mr. Villalobos English 9 23 October 2015 The Third Twin Book Report “The Third Twin” is about a criminality researcher, Jeannie Ferrami, as she prove a man’s innocence of a rape crime and also unlock a mystery that nearly gets her killed. The setting takes place in Baltimore around the turn of the twenty first century. It starts around autumn and seems relaxing until the rape occurs. Most of the events take place along the east coast from Baltimore all the way up to New York. Jeannie Ferrami, the main character, is a determined, independent women who fights for what she believes in. Her only downfalls are her being stubborn and her temper flaring occasionally. She is a criminality researcher at Jones Falls University, and studies…show more content…
‘It’s over,‘ he said. ‘No, it’s not,‘ she replied. ‘It’s only begun’ (Follett 416). The events that led up to the quotes had been disheartening and Jeannie had been having a hard time. However, the quote signified Jeannie strong will and determination the readers saw since the beginning. It was obvious Jeannie was ready to take action. “She passed Barrington and saw him smile. She felt tears come to her eyes, but she swallowed them and held her head high. To hell with you all, she thought; one day you’ll find out I was right” (Follett 458). It was the near the end of the book, and all the events and the planning had led up to this moment, but the window of opportunity was closing and all of Jeannie’s work was about to go to waste. If only she had known, luck was just right around the…show more content…
The plot, the setting, the characters were all wonderful, but the three things that caught my attention were the accuracy of events, heart-racing events, and the plot. Throughout the book, events during the jail or courthouse were described very detailed and produced a clear image in my head. The author must have done lots of prior research in order to get information about these events that most commoners do not know. The fire, rape, fights were described in a manner that allowed me to truly experience and understand what it was like in the character’s shoes. The plot went through many situations from jail cells all the way to getting confidential information from the Pentagon. Bibliography: Follett, Ken. The Third Twin. New York City: Ballantine Books, 1996.

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