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Imagine walking in the hallways of Cubberley High School. Hallways empty, friends turning on friends and finding ripped up posters on the wall saying “Stop the Wave”. As you are walking through the you see this one classroom filled to the door with students yelling “strength through discipline, strength through community, strength through action.” The Third Wave is a real life event. The Wave is a book and movie produced to explain the event the The Third Wave. Both of these had a very big ripple effect and had a big impact on all the students. The teachers and students in both were very similar but also have many differences. Even though there are many similarities there are also many differences. In The Wave, people follow blindly like…show more content…
A major similarity is that Mr.Jones and Mr.Ross use students to see if others are following rules. If they don’t follow rules they get kicked out of the class and have to go to the library. Since he used students to monitor wave members they turned on each other and broke many good friendships. Another similarity is that there was one student in both The Wave and The Third Wave that rebelled against it. Laurie rebelled by writing the truth about the in the newspaper the grapevine and a real student hung up posters that said negative things about the wave. Many people felt the same about the wave and how it was mainly negative. The Last similarity is how both teachers decided to close down the experiment. Both of teachers bluff about how the Wave is all over American high schools all over the country. They also say that the leader will unveil himself at the rally. This causes a huge commotion where many kids got posters and chanted the wave slogans. At the rally they show all students there is no leader and show Hitler and explain how they will make perfect nazis. Many students lost their self-esteem felt that they were losers. Many students cried and tried to shake it off but his emotionally scared many of the them for their life, teaching them a huge lesson. This was a terrible way to end the wave but it had to be stopped somehow. I feel very bad for the kids that had to undergo the pain of the

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