Disadvantages Of Feminism

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Feminism is a range of ideas and approaches that seek to create sexual and gender equality for women. It focuses to achieve equal rights for females in different parts of society. Though these feminist movements were successful over the years, there’s a lot left to accomplish before we can say equality between men and women has been reached. All over, women are still at a disadvantage despite their successful liberation campaigns.
Since the first feminist movement, women have fought and continue to, in order to gain the rights and opportunities society had deprived them of for generations. In 1837, Charles Fourier, a French philosopher, was known as the first person to coin the term, feminist. Since then, feminists around the world have created
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However, (Rainn.org) revealed since 1998, an estimated 17.7 million women have been victims of attempted or completed rape by men (n.d.). Every day many females are compelled to participate in sexual activities and resisting would simply put their lives, or way of life, at risk. Countless cases of sexual assault among women happen every year and only a small percentage are looked into; the rest are merely forgotten. This clearly demonstrates that women are still not respected, sexually, despite their successful efforts to diminish sexual…show more content…
Sports is a clear example of women’s disparity in the society we live in. First of all, sports tend to be physical, so we assume that females are not well-designed to partake based of their tender and passive manner; therefore, society attempts to reduce their participation. Women are treated poorly with the opportunities and resources that are geared towards them. In an online article entitled; Women’s Rights, Galen Sherwin stated that the resources invested into boys’ and girls’ sports are massively unequal (Webster, 2017). Indeed, if you were to compare the number of resources that promote female sporting activities with that of males, you will notice huge differences. A clear example of this is the large investments that are engaged for male football teams in Punta Gorda town while a small cut is allocated to promote female soccer
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