The Third Wave Feminism

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Feminism is a range of ideas and approaches that seek to create sexual and gender equality for women. It focuses to achieve equal rights for females in different parts of society. Though these feminist movements were successful over the years, there’s a lot left to accomplish before we can say equality between men and women has been reached. All over, women are still at a disadvantage despite their successful liberation campaigns. Since the first feminist movement, women have fought and continue to, in order to gain the rights and opportunities society had deprived them of for generations. In 1837, Charles Fourier, a French philosopher, was known as the first person to coin the term, feminist. Since then, feminists around the world have created different goals to deal with the different problems they confront. The most memorable feminist’s movement perhaps, was the first-wave movement. This took place in countries like UK and US during the early 20th century where it advocated to promote equal contract in marriage, voting rights, parenting and the right for women to own property (Conger, 2009). After which, the 2nd wave was to address the ideas and beliefs of women and shortly after, the 3rd wave movement followed. The 2nd wave feminism movement came about when women campaigned for legal and institutional rights. However, in addition to these rights obtained, women still believed that more changes were needed in society, thus the 3rd movement came into play. The 3rd wave

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