The Thirst For Power In Macbeth

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Thesis: Uncontrolled thirst for power has led to the demise and destruction of many characters in novels and plays and Macbeth undoubtedly consciously chooses to go down the same path, ultimately costing the healthiness of his mental state as it progressively deteriorates as the murders grow more reckless and cruel due to Macbeth’s escalating need for power.
First, Macbeth lets his thirst for power cloud his vision from all the good deeds he and his noblemen have been accomplishing, such as defeating the Norwegians together and his lack of appreciation dissolves to nothing but bitterness towards his noblemen as each murder happens. Since the beginning of the play, Duncan is a kind, naïve, gullible friend and king to Macbeth, however after Macbeth
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As Macbeth says to his wife:
Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck,
Till thou applaud the deed. Come, seeling night,
Scarf up the tender eye of pitiful day,
And with thy bloody and invisible hand
Cancel and tear to pieces that great bond
Which keeps me pale! (3.3.44-50)

This quote shows the evident lack of trust Macbeth has in his wife thus he cannot tell her that he plans on killing Banquo and she must discover when she hears the news of his death. Therefore, this show Macbeth is leaving Lady Macbeth in the dark, he will be alone in the future decisions of the murders and that Macbeth is starting to deteriorate into paranoia, he can only trust himself here on out.
Topic Sentence: Thirdly, Macbeth progressively grows more and more paranoid of being caught for his wrong doings and due to his growing paranoia, he does not think rationally and acts without second thought.
Point 1: - threat macduff poses, hits rock bottom with the murder of Macduff’s family and staff within his home in fife
Point 2: due to having no sleep, paranioa increases, Banquo’s ghost OR goes to the witches for reassurance

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