The Thousand Splendid Suns Character Analysis

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Manpreet Multani Ms. Gonsalves ENG3U 27 April 2017 Character development: Relationships Relationships are everywhere and thousands of women are abused everyday around the world in those relationships. This abuse can be physical, verbal, or psychological. In the novel The Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, character development of the two protagonists is shown through the different relationships they have. However, Mariam’s experiences within her relationships make her undergo a negative change of self, Laila undergoes both a negative and positive change of self through the experiences within her relationship. The parental relationships of both the protagonists helps them to develop their character. The relationship of the…show more content…
Mariam’s relationship with Rasheed in the beginning is seen as a good relationship. Rasheed brought Mariam a silk shawl. This shawl Mariam saw was a true gift. “It’s beautiful” she said. These lines demonstrate that how Rasheed makes Mariam feel special by gifting her a shawl. And to Mariam it is a true gift. Also for her it is not just a gift but tells her that someone really cares about her which helps her in developing her relationship with Rasheed. Similarly, Laila’s relationship with Rasheed in the beginning can be described as a warm and comfortable relationship. Rasheed said, “You on the other would be a Benz. A brand new, first class, shiny Benz. One must take certain care…as matter of respect for its beautiful craftsmanship you see”. This quote demonstrates that Rasheed treats Laila with respect. He compares her to a Benz, so that she can feel special. Telling her that he will take care of her no matter what. Rasheed treats both Laila and Mariam with respect in the beginning when they are newly married. Trying to make them feel comfortable in their relationship with him. This helped both the protagonists to undergo a positive change as they have went through so much and now someone is making them feel so special. Besides their good relationship, both the protagonists with Rasheed can also be seen in an abusive relationship. Mariam’s relationship with Rasheed is shown as an insulting relationship later in the novel. Rasheed forces Mariam to chew the pebbles. He said, “Now you know what your rice tastes like. Now you know what you’ve given me in this marriage. Bad food and nothing else” (pg.104). This quote demonstrates that until Rasheed is getting what he wants, he does not say anything to Mariam but when he does not gets what he wants he insults her. Laila’s relationship with Rasheed later in the novel
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