The Threats Of Cheating In High School And College

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The years in High School and College can be some of the hardest years of a student’s life. Among all of the different expenses, having to manage time, and having to learn who students want to be in life, it can be onerous to keep up with the trials of life. While education is an important thing, often students are overwhelmed and feel like they cannot achieve success in all of the different activities they are involved in. Furthermore, when students have to compete with their peers for college, it adds a sense of competition that can add even more stress to a student 's life. Students are feeling pressured in school and this is causing them to cheat using electronic devices. The life of a student is often very busy, sometimes so much so that it interferes with the education of that student. In the film “Dead Poets Society”, there are often mentions of study groups that while were used for studying in some cases, the students would actually trade work because they didn’t have the time to do their own work (Weir). The students of Welton Academy were very overworked for their age and were expected to do seven classes of work each night and to study for tests everyday, all while trying to plan out their own lives. For this reason, the students of Welton would all copy off of each other’s work and trade papers. Although the students of Welton may have a somewhat good reason for cheating, just doing something because you can doesn’t mean you should always do it.
Some students

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