The Three Abrahamic Faiths: Christianity, Judaism, And Islam

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For many adhere of the three Abrahamic faiths -Christianity, Judaism, and Islam- in both ancient and contemporary society, respectively use their sacred or divine text as a pivotal source of guidance. In the Christian belief, the Bible is a book of sacred text regarded with divine inspiration and authority which was compiled in ancient times, containing scriptures from the New and Old Testament. As the Bible was transcribed in a different era with contrasting perspectives and morals to those of current times, when analysing the scriptures containing Abraham, it can be interpreted that they do not hold relevance today. Conversely, Abraham does provide an unyielding foundations for spiritual guidance and some interpretations of relevant gender roles. By understanding the four functions; ritual use, gender roles, spiritual guidance, and moral/ ethical justification, and applying it a contemporary believer of Christianity, Abraham can be interpreted as either relevant or irrelevant depending on the function.

Rituals are an important part of any religion as they can be used strengthen the bond between the participator and their deity. Eucharist is one of the most scared sacraments of Christianity as it
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Many figures in the bible set great examples for how to act faithfully, and live the life God intended for them. Abraham is a relevant guide for having true faith as on many occasions illustrated in the bible he can be seen displaying unyielding devotion and trust in God’s plan. The most defining moment of Abrahams unwavering loyalty is depicted in Genesis 22:1-19, when God test his faith by asking him to sacrifice his son Isaac. Before Abraham kills Isaac, God provides an animal as an alternate sacrifice. By Abraham willingly obliging to God, he exemplifies how to truly have faith and trust. This makes Abraham a relevant example of spiritual guidance for

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