The Three Abrahamic Religion, Judaism, Christianity And Islam

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The three Abrahamic religion - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - are monotheistic religions that follow one God. Although they all stem from the original beliefs of Abraham, the teachings and portrayal of God differ throughout their respective sacred texts. Through the three words of the text, a deeper meaning and understanding of the text can be achieved. G-d in the Jewish scripture is portrayed as an all-powerful entity who can exhibit acts of mercy and kindness, yet contrarily inflicts brutal acts of punishment and wrath upon his creations. The latter is evident in the story of Noah 's Ark, Genesis:6-9. The narrative tells the story of how after G-d saw that humanity had become violent and corrupted by evil, G-d decided to wipe out the entire population of earth and start over, executed by a worldwide flood. As a descendant of the Israelites, Noah was instructed by G-d to construct an ark which would house a pair of each species to re-populate the planet. Traditionally it was believed that Moses was the author of the Book of Genesis. However, in today 's world this is considered untrue due to many impossible details, for example Moses predicting and writing about his own death (Deuteronomy 34) (Patterson, 2009). Instead, it is the belief of many historians that several authors contributed to the Pentateuch, then was later edited and compiled into one book. The Book of Genesis was written by the Yahwists (J), who originated in the southern kingdom of Judah (Hodge,
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