Main Functions Of Judiciary Essay

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The legislature consists of federal and state parliaments that have the main purpose of creating legislation. The executive consists of the federal and state government that enforce and administer the laws created by the legislature. The Judiciary is made up of federal and state courts and have the role of resolving disputes. The three arms of government aim to effectively uphold the functions of law. These are social cohesion, the upholding of shared beliefs and values, and social progress, which is the smooth transition from one generation to the next (Bailey, Bash, Cavouras, Rieuwers, 2005). The main function of the Legislature is to create legislation; therefore, state and parliament have a responsibility to create laws that will benefit…show more content…
For example if the children are abused or neglected then according to the Children’s Protection Act (SA) 1993 sanctions need to be imposed to offenders. Judges have the power to set sanctions that will act as a punishment for offenders, to demonstrate that their behaviour was unacceptable, which in turn acts as a deterrent for other offenders. The five adults at the centre of the horrific scene were convicted of abuse and one found not guilty due to mental incompetence. The mother was not jailed as the court ruled she was mentally unfit to stand trial. Trudy Quinlivan was later sentences to a 10-year term for aggravated count of committing an assault, after she was released into the community on a nine-year supervision order, which was breached. Court trials allow public viewing so that Australia’s democratic principles are upheld, however, when dealing with child offences the courts are closed to protect children and to protect the person who notified authorities on the offence (Supreme and District Court Benchbook, 2017). Media are allowed in court, however restricted in reports so that published information will not lead to the identification of the child (Courts Administration Authority,
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