The Three Branches Of Government In The United States

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The branches of Government When the constitution was written it was written so that no one person could have all the power of the government. The constitution wanted to make sure that all people could have the benefits of the federal government but still live with separate state laws. Because no man is immune from enticements of evil, none can be trusted and invested with limitless power. (Lapeer, RUsseell W. issue 6 p. 2). In order to make sure that no one person was able to have all the power they created the different branches of government and the three branches that were created were the executive, the legislative and the judicial branches. The three branches of government worked together with checks and balances to make sure the power was equal within the government and fair.…show more content…
There are state levels and federal levels of the executive branch, at state level the executive branch includes governors and also their staff and at the federal level the executive branch includes the President, the vice President, staffs of appointed advisors and a few other departments and agencies that may seem familiar such as the central intelligence agency and the federal bureau of investigation even the post office. The executive branch does many things, such as appointing federal judges and they deal in the nations domestic and foreign policies. Checks and balances are in place to limit the power of the executive branch. The limitations and accountability within the executive branch are through electorate and congress by both impeachment and over ride of executive
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