The Three Branches Of Government

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The American colonies were like England's babies. They were cared for and nurtured by the British. Like most teenagers, the American colonies wanted independence. In July of 1776, everything changed for the American colonies, gaining the independence they deserved. However, before the independence, the colonies had many governmental policies which helped shaped the colonies to become what it is known as today. The American colonies had a past of practicing limited forms of self government. The Colonists came to America for economic freedom, religious freedom, and many more reasons. In 1620, the first Pilgrims were headed for the land of what is now known as Virginia. In a crazy twist of fate, they found themselves in Plymouth instead of Virginia, what is now in Massachusetts. During this time, each one of the thirteen colonies had a charter. A charter is a written agreement between the colony and the parliament, but in this case the kingdom of England. When the pilgrims…show more content…
The colonial government had similar 3 branches system as well. The Royal Government meant that royal colonies were ruled directly by the English. The Proprietary Government meant that proprietary colonies were established in territories and one person had the crown to govern the colony The Charter government were the self governed establishments. The founding fathers were the ones who formed the three branches of government that we know of today. The three branches were made so that not one person has too much control over the country. The three branches of the system of checks and balances are known as executive, judicial, and legislative. The Bill of Rights were formed by James Madison. The Bill of Rights made the first 10 amendments to the constitution. James Madison was a member of the US House of Representatives. The House of Representatives was formed in and today represents the population of the 50 states in our
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