The Three Branches Of The Government In The United States

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Government is a straight forward institutional which a land and its people are ruled. It protects its citizens, divides the powers that interprets laws. The gov’t are made up of the three branches. The branches are the executive, judicial and legislative. Each branches interacts with one another to ensure the strength than one another. Each branches sets their own powers. They can also share in one another’s power, so that it will be possible for them to balance of powers against each other. The executive branch consists of the president, vice president, and the cabinet members. The president makes the laws official. They approves and carries out the laws that was passed, by the legislative. The president negotiates treaties and act like commander in chief of the armed forces. The executive branch appoints judges and head officials, but if their people are not…show more content…
This branch makes the laws, passes the laws, and also layout the law. The House of Representatives originates the government spending and choose the President in the event that the president candidate fails to get the majority of the electoral college vote. The Senate impeaches officials and approves treaties. The judicial branch heads the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court interprets the Constitution. Their powers reviews the laws, and rules whether the law is constitutional or unconstitutional. An example of powers being reviewed is the Plessy v. Ferguson case, in which racial segregation was legal and was constitutional at the time, but later became unconstitutional after they was forced to
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