The Three Causes Of Stress

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Stress is a part of human life that cannot be avoided. Stress usually associated with events such as happy wedding and holiday promotions. There are also people who are dissatisfied and unhappy such as layoffs, divorce and accidents. It can be triggered by trivial matters and also with the great crisis in the life of a person. He also built gradually when we have more things to do in the future. It can also be caused by both good and bad experiences. Pressure is what we feel when there are any adjustments we need to make in our lives. Anything that takes us away from the equilibrium pressure. There are also those who say that all life is stressful, but we can also think that the pressure "is in the eyes of the audience." Load we put on ourselves…show more content…
To be more specific, the three main causes of stress refer to career, relationships and health-related problems. First of all, working and learning plays an important role in our lives, but we also are major causes of stress. Industrial development in this era together with high competitiveness among companies led to a significant increase in the workload of the employer and the employee. They have to choose between standing idle or high pressure. Unfortunately, these two causes negative feelings, which we often call "stress". They had to do a variety of jobs with the current situation where people choose to run errands. Moreover, not many people have good time management skills, so they must deal with the difficulty of balancing work, study and relax. In short, people who pay too much attention to career may be a victim of pressure. Second, while it may be said that the parties to benefit mankind, the truth is that the failure of the relationship is also a source of stress. There may be a relationship among family members, friends or colleagues. For example, parents do not have enough time to spend with their children, friends are jealous of each other as career prospects, and others. Therefore, many people have stress at work but also outside the work environment, they cannot feel more relaxed and comfortable as intricate relationships. Finally, people may experience stress because of poor…show more content…
Everything is very harmful to the body as a systemic nature. Among these are quite difficult to sleep. Sleep quality is influenced by the physical and mental condition. However, the most influential factor is the soul. someone who is experiencing stress and unable to control the mind will carry over until break and when it came time to rest then that person is not able to close his eyes in the morning. Waking up next is still feeling tired and not fresh. The consequences of less sleep and insomnia occur in the body then the body will not become fresh. Body condition was not fit and less enthusiasm because they thought his problems. Changes in diet also are one of the characteristics of stress. Stress is very influential on the nerves, especially at the state governing appetite. If a stress then any given food will be difficult to enter at once spewed out. This is caused because of stress and suppresses appetite blocking generating system. Moreover, the headache is often excessive force than usual. Stress affects the performance of the heart. The effect on the cardiovascular system then it also affects the distribution of oxygen in the body, particularly its spread to the brain. If this happens then the brain is deprived of oxygen and affects the metabolism and the nerve to finally happen headaches excessive. The latter is easy to get angry or offended.

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