Bubonic Plague: The Black Death

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Black Death is one of the most deadly and violent diseases of the medieval times. Black Death is a disease that spreads quickly. There is three types of plague and every type of them is deadly. This is the disease that killed so many people that it took 400 years for the population to regain numbers. Black Death is the most thought-provoking and lethal disease from the medieval period (
The plague spread and originated in inner Asia.The Black Death originated from inner Asia or inter China. The Black death spread throughout Asia and came to a Genoese trading port. The port was under siege by Kipchak khan Janibeg army when their army was destroyed by the plague. The army launched sick bodies over to the besieged in hopes of
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Bubonic, septicemic, and pneumonic. Bubonic plague is caused when an infected flea runs out of rats to bite ( The fleas infest black rats which live dangerously close to humans. The fleas kill the rats with a variation of the Black Death. When the victim is bit by the flea the toxins drain to the nearest lymph node and swells to a tumor or a bubo. The average time to die with the bubonic strain of the plague is twenty-three days whereas the plague bacteria can break out into the bloodstream causing septicemic strain of Black Death ( septicemic strain of Black Death is far worse than the bubonic plague it spreads the bubos to other parts of the body, the septicemic strain causing the pneumonic plague therefore this strain is the most dangerous. You could breathe the air of the infected and be dead within two days (The Black…show more content…
The most logical idea was to lance the boils. Nowadays people would say not to do that because it would spread the infection. This was a time before common sense was still developing. The people thought the bubo was the infection and they thought, kill the infection and you are cured. Another treatment was to hang perfume balls around your neck to purify the air you breathe. The craziest cure was to tie an alive chicken to boil, yet some of population never got sick. Those people were the genetically immune which was only .2% of the population. Even though the doctors of that time tried, 70% of the infected people died
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