The Three Causes Of The English Civil War

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No king has ever been executed in England except King Charles. Why did it happen? The English civil war was not one war, it was many wars all over the country. There were many things that caused the English civil war to happen, but it was mainly for three reasons: Money, Religion and Power. There were two sides, the Parliament and the King. One big problem that King Charles had is that he could not rule the country without the support of the Parliament, so if for example he needed more money, he would need the parliament’s approval but it was the right time for the parliament to get some ideas of their own, and he did not want that to happen, so King Charles did not do any meetings. Money, one of the three reasons of the civil war. First, King Charles continually kept running short on money, but the same thing happened when King James, Charles’ father was around. King James (He was king before king Charles) asked the parliament if he could collect directly the money, but Parliament kept on saying to him that he could not collect the money without its permission, so King James suspended Parliament and it did not meet for another ten years. But that was before king Charles was King. When…show more content…
How did the Parliament and King Charles helped to trigger the English civil war? When the King started to cancel Parliament or added ship money all around England. This might be a trigger because without that factor, the civil war maybe would have started in a different way. The nineteenth propositions was one other trigger. Because the Parliament just went too far. They made the King say yes to them because he did not have an army. When the Parliament made the nineteenth propositions, they did not have any other options, but they might of said only a few of them, not lots of propositions at once. The King on his side I think started the story. He first married the French Catholic Princess. In my opinion this was the very first thing that started the
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