The Three Causes Of World War One

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Who would’ve thought that millions of men that went to war used to be excited but yet came back home emotionless. In World War One (1914-1918) , also known as the War to End All Wars, was a war that started within European countries. It took place in France, Italy, Russia, and Austria-Hungary and were fought with tanks, airplanes, and more advanced technology. There were three causes of World War One which was Alliances, Imperialism, and Militarism. From one the three causes of World War One, Alliances were the most influential cause from the start. From the beginning, European nations believed in the balance of power by unifying European nations. However, all hope for European nations to be the most dominated countries were broken after the alliance between Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary united, called the Triple Alliance. Despite this misconception, the Triple Entente was created with the alliances between Great Britain, France, and Russia. This has created tension between the nation and because of the incident in Austria-Hungary when a Serbian assassin murdered the Archduke. It had triggered the nations and eventually led to a war. Since, Russia had an alliance with Serbia this has created a war within the European countries. From this point on, the European countries blamed each other for who had…show more content…
From 1890-1914, there was an increase of arms build up throughout the years. In 1890, Germany spent more than 20 million euros on their army, but by the year 1914 they have spent the most on their army by spending about more than 100 million euros. Also, Great Britain has spent the most on their navy by spending about more than 60 million euros. By spending all this money, it can determine who is more dominate depending on how much they improved their military. Improving the military was an essential part, since if one country doesn 't catch up it could lead to their

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