The Three Components Of Six Sigma In General Electric

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What culture means is the norms of behavior and shared values among a group of people. Culture involves three components
• what people think
• what they do
• And the material products they produce.

As a result it can be concluded that mental processes and employee’s beliefs, knowledge, and values are parts of culture. A successful introduction and implementation of a PI program requires some changes in the culture of the organization and a change in the attitudes of its employees. Employees have to be motivated and accept responsibility for the quality of their own work. Where for example the history of Six Sigma application in General Electric showed that Employees created a burden during the introduction of six sigma, due to a misunderstanding that six sigma is only a statistical toolset. Currently Six Sigma within General Electric is how employees do their job.

Any PI program requires the right mindset and attitude of every employee, where the need to change should be understood by all employees. The successful way to manage change and tackle resistance to change is through
• Communication
• motivation and education


(1) (SASTHRIYAR, 2006) P 16,17 5.2.6 Customer And Supplier Involvement

One of the main objectives of the PI program is to satisfy the customers, thus, linking the PI program towards the customer is an important element of the success of the PI program. Projects are basically driven by customer requirements and should be oriented towards them.

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