The Three Contributions Of Albert Einstein And The Atomic Bomb

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Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Wurttemberg, Germany, six weeks later, Einstein would move to Munich and go to school there for the first time. He developed a deep interest in mathematics more than any other subject at a young age, so he completed school in Switzerland for physics and mathematics. He led important advancements, such as control of atomic energy, space exploration, and applications of light. Getting further into these details, they were leading into the atomic bomb creation, which was one of Einstein’s major regrets in life. Although the mistake was fatal, everything did begin as a theory for Einstein since all he did was thought about them in an enclosed room. Here are Einstein’s three main theories that have affected the world that we live in today.…show more content…
Energy of a body (E) is equal to the mass (M) of that body times the speed of light squared (C2), equation suggested that tiny particles of matter could be converted into huge amounts of energy. Next is the photon theory of light, it was an important step towards the quantum theory, based off of matter and energy. The theory of light explains that both light and matter consists of tiny particles which have wavelike properties associated with them. We continue to adopt the theory to this very day, without it we would not understand that light is made of particles. Finally, the theory of Brownian motion, which explains the erratic random movement of microscopic particles in a fluid. Although Einstein spent most of his time exploring equations and theories, he did have a family and a life that he needed to attend

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