The Three Core Values Of Language, And Nonverbal Communication

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Language can be expressed in two major forms such as nonverbal communication and verbal communication. Non-verbal communication can be expressed by displaying gestures, signs, or signals. Beginning in elementary school, students are taught the basics of language starting with the alphabet. including grammar, syntax, and phonetics. Possessing a solid language foundation is key to navigating through life. With that, language gives us the tools to properly communicate with peers. On the other hand, language allows us to communicate our needs as an individual. I grew up a part of a predominately white community who speak English. Also being white, I felt a sense of belonging within in my community. Being an athlete throughout high school allowed me to be involved in a variety of social settings. Within my social group, I felt valued as a friend as well as an individual. In my experience of social settings, my sense of belonging never felt threatened; which in turn gave me a sense of confidence when communicating with my peers. In addition, this gave me a strong sense of permanence. Three core values that are most important to me are: trustworthiness, honesty, and respect. These values…show more content…
To me, relationships are pointless if there isn’t trust. Seeing that, trust is a solid component of any relationship in my life. To show how important trust is to me, I simply practice what I preach. Although, there have been many occasions where others have broken my trust. Therefore, I can be hesitant to establish trust in others. Establishing trust is tricky, only because you must have trust within yourself before expecting someone else to trust you. I have found the best way to establish trust is to show vulnerability. The reason being, I want that person to see my truest self, my weaknesses and my strengths. In turn, that person will become more comfortable and begin to trust
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