The Three Deaths In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In the story Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, there are three deaths that do not have a clear killer. The first death was Paris. He died when he went to the tomb of the Capulets to pay respects to the body of Juliet who everyone thought was dead. Paris was killed by Romeo because while Paris was paying respects to Juliet, he saw Romeo (a Montague) come into the mosque and he assumed that Romeo was there to disrespect the bodies. The second person to die was Romeo because he was so depressed at the thought of Juliet dying that he decided to kill himself. Juliet was last. She killed herself with Romeo's dagger after seeing that he had killed himself. There are two people who are responsible for the deaths of Paris, Romeo and Juliet. Those two…show more content…
He tells her that fate has intervened in their plan but, because he is scared of getting in trouble, he runs away leaving Juliet alone with Romeo's body. She is so upset and depressed by the death of her husband Romeo that she takes his dagger and stabs herself saying “This is thy sheath. There rust, and let me die.” (5.3.175) If the Friar had come up with a better plan, Juliet and Romeo never would have died. Some might say that Lord Capulet is responsible for Romeo and Juliet's death but that is simply not true. He had the right to decide her marriage for her and the fact that she disrespected his wishes was, at that time, totally inacceptable and warrant for abandonment. The fact the Juliet was so upset by her father that she threatened suicide is not his fault, but hers. It is clear that the only two people responsible for the deaths of Paris, Romeo and Juliet are Romeo and Friar Laurence. Romeo is responsible for killing Paris because no one else was there or influencing that decision. Friar Laurence is responsible for the death of Romeo because he failed to inform him of the plan, and Juliet's dead is also the responsibility of the Friar because she killed herself out of grief for Romeo. Friar Laurence and Romeo are not only guilty, but totally aware of their actions and deserve to be punished
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