The Three Elements Of Reading: What Is Reading?

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What is reading?
Reading" is the process which involves looking at a series of written symbols and getting meaning from them. When we read, we use our eyes to receive written symbols (letters, punctuation marks and spaces) and we use our brain to convert them into words, sentences and paragraphs that communicate something to us.
Reading can be silent (in our head) or aloud (so that other people can hear).
Reading is a receptive skill by which we receive information but the process of reading also needs speaking skills, so that we can pronounce the words correctly that we read . Reading is something that we can do by our own that broadens our vocabulary therefore helping in improving other three skills of speaking writing and listening. So reading is highly valuable skill and activity, so it is advised that English learners should try to read as much as possible in English. During reading, we make predictions as we read and then confirm or revise those predictions.
After reading, it allows the reader to retell the story, discuss the elements of a story, answer questions and/or compare it to another text. We get most concise understanding of what we read after reading.
Why reading is important?
Reading isn’t just about going from the beginning to the end of a written passage.rather we read to get the knowledge, to gain new vocabulary, to improve our understanding and also to spend leisure time. T
Elements of reading Comprehension
Reading comprehension has two elements

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