The Three Factors Of Starbucks And The Triple Bottom Line

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Businesses have been playing a crucial role in people’s lives. No matter what they go or what the occupations they are; people are drawn to get involved in businesses. However, behind the scenes of the business thriving, the environment is deteriorated each day. Many development schemes are come up with the plan related with the depletion of the environment (Shah, 2002). Because of people and environmental damages, attentions were drawn to corporations for ensuring their sustainabilities. John Elkington designed a framework called Triple Bottom Line(TBL) (cite), which allows employees or entrepreneurs to adopt it for evaluating their performances regarding three dimensions people, planet, and profit. Starbucks is one of successful corporations which uses the Triple Bottom Line. The underlying Starbucks’s policy is to "inspire and nurture the human spirit-- one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time" ( Herbeck, 2012). The statement which was previously mentioned shows that Starbucks does not solely concentrate upon their profits, but their stakeholders’ well beings and the environment as well. This firm tries to launch many campaigns based on the three factors of the Triple Bottom Line. As a result, when it comes to Triple Bottom Line framework, Starbucks was given the opportunity to appraise and monitor its operations. Interestingly enough, Starbucks is globally well known by people around the world. In a month, Starbucks’s customers roughly call
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