The Three Language Formula

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1.1 Background to the Present study
Education is very important for the growth of the human race by developing the fundamental knowledge, skills and behaviour of the people. Rational thinking through education makes the individual more civilized and cultured. Education is a continuous process of giving valuable and constructive changes in the activities of a child in terms of knowledge, values, skills, attitude and feelings, etc. It always remains as a significant part of socio-economic background. The development of the country’s economy directly or indirectly is determined by the education. In the sphere of education, business, administration and media, English Language has taken deep roots and spread far and wide. In the multilingual country
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The “Three Language Formula” was introduced to solve the language problem which was first recommended by the Central Advisory Board of Education in 1957. The Three Language Formula, the demonstration of language planning, attempted to link the different parts of the country. It is recommended that in a country like India, which represents a socio-linguistic unity in the midst of social and linguistic diversities, language conflicts could be reduced by assigning values and functions to the…show more content…
According to Aggarwal (1984), the commission insists that “the emphasis in teaching should shift from verbal and memorization to learning through purposeful concrete and realistic situations and for this purpose ‘activity method’ and ‘project method’ should be assimilated in school practice” ( pg 115-116)
The National Policy on Education is formulated in 1968, largely to implement the recommendations of the Kothari Commission of 1966. It states that the study of English deserved to be highly strengthened. The 1986 policy does not make any mention of the medium of instruction in its chapter on higher education but states that ‘ a major effort will be directed towards the transformation of teaching methods’ and that ‘urgent steps will be taken to protect the system from
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