The Three Levels Of Dante's Inferno

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Dante Alighieri wrote Dante’s inferno in which he talks about how people end up in different levels of Hell based on their sins. Then based off those sins they receive a punishment that meets it because of the sin they committed, so they are getting what they did to others, but 1000 times worse. My own version of Dante’s levels would have only three levels. First level for those who talk behind people’s back, next level for people who are two faced, and the final level for the worst people of all, people who judo chop chromebooks. The first level of Hell is for those who talk behind people’s back. The first level has many people because many fall victim to this sin as it is done without realizing it. For each time they talk about someone behind their’s…show more content…
These are people who act nice and good in the general public, but in private they are mean or go against what they said before. In this level of Hell everyone is being are submerged where the left side of their body is in ice, and the right side of their body is in lava. Harvey Dent watches over this region of Hell as he was the first person to be literally two faced. They are all getting burnt and frozen in half as they are acting two faced. The last level of Hell is for people who judo chop other people’s chromebooks. A judo chop is when someone uses their forearm to chop the top row of the keyboard which hits the escape, refresh, and power button. This restarts your chromebook. It is most frustrating when you are actually trying to get some work done. These people in hell are constantly having Bruce Lee karate chop their harms where each hit is a clean slice through the arm causing extreme pain. The more times they judo chop people the more the karate chops hurt. If Dante Alighieri was born in this day and age, he probably would have put people who talk behind people’s back, two faced people, and people who judo chop chromebooks in his
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