The Three Little Alpacas Short Story

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The Three Little Alpacas
Once upon a time in a world where rabid squirrels viciously eat alpacas, three little alpacas sleepily woke up to terrible news. The wacky little fur balls were outgrowing their mother 's’ home and were forced to build their own. Normally their mother was a very kind person and accepting of others, but she was getting tired of a cramped house.
“I 'm sorry to do this, but I’m going to have to make you leave. You are too old for my care and too big for this house.”
“When you leave be careful of the rabid squirrels, they will try to eat you and destroy your house.”
The trio of crazy alpacas named John, Jamal, and Hermes were on their way down a long dark road. Along the road the three alpacas met a man carrying
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He has no experience or knowledge of the outside world. The remaining duo of the alpacas continued down the road to build their houses. After a short while of walking, the two alpacas encountered a man carrying solid gold.
“Can I have some gold to build my house?” asked Jamal.
“Sure!” said the man. The middle man of the three is the most careless alpaca in the family. He makes decisions not knowing the consequences and not caring. The lone little alpaca named Hermes wandered down the road and encountered a man selling diamonds.
“Can I have some diamonds to build a mansion?” asked Hermes nervously. “Sure!” said the
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Being a pirate alpaca when building a house he was limited in his abilities of construction a lot. John 's’ dwelling turned out to be a small one room cottage with a fence and a gate. The construction of a farm and a well wasn 't able to take place so he relied on neighbors for necessities. Construction went a lot smoother. The resources of his solid gold came in handy to make a four room villa with a watch tower, alarm, and a solid gold fence. Jamal was bewildered. He didn 't understand that not patching holes in his walls would give the squirrels an advantage. He carried on throughout his day playing games and not worrying about any disputes with rabid squirrels. Ironically the smallest of the trio was the wisest of them all. Hermes constructed a 14 bedroom mansion with four guard towers, an army of tanks and spiked walls. Hermes was very vigilant of his house and always kept it in spectacular shape, making his the most barricaded. On a dark rainy day John was making a tuna sandwich when he heard a rasping noise at his door. He whirled around as his whole house was shredded by a giant rabid squirrel. Thinking as fast as he could, he scampered out to his garage, leaped in his paper airplane and shot into the sky in route to his brother Jamal 's house. Along the frightful journey he spotted a giant pack of rabid squirrels heading towards Jamal’s house. He
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