What Caused The French Revolution Dbq Analysis

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Clink the doors opens, people came from all over to watch the death if the king. “Let 's go” says the guard, one step at a time I walk up to the guillotine with butterflies going through my stomach, feel a cool brisk wind blowing through my hair. A very strong push in the back and I smack my face on the cold wet wooden bed. Chink the board clamps on my neck and the rope is cut and the blade falls. During the French revolution there were over 88,000 people died to the guillotine. The three main causes of the French revolution were people being treated poorly, unfair taxes, and inequality. Firstly, during the French revolution there were many causes for an example people were treated poorly. First off, in document seven it is a picture if the first and second estates standing in a rock that has ‘’taxes’’ on it and the third estate is on the ground under them. This shows people being treated poorly because the third estate is under the taxes but first and second estate are above the taxes, not paying taxes while the third is paying the taxes because they are under them. Next, another example is in document four when it says “...for the suffering of the people was not greater than they had been before.” This means that, the people are not doing very good…show more content…
When people are being treated poorly, people will need to revolt and that is what happened to cause the French revolution. Also, when taxes are unfair such as taxing the lower class heavily and the upper class none people will get mad and revolt ant that lead to the French revolution. Lastly, in a society there can be lots of problems with equality and that happen in france so when the lower class was being treated so poorly compared to the rest of the world they had to make a change so they started a revolution. There were three main cause in the french revolution inequality, unfair taxes, and people being treated
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