The Three Main Types Of Political Culture In Nigeria

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Political culture according to (University of Minnesota, 2017), may be defined as “well-established political traits that are characteristic of a society and consider the attitudes, values, and beliefs that people in a society have about the political system”. Political culture helps strengthen people as a community because people who share a similar understanding of the political events, actions, and experiences that occur in the country, tend to be united. Political culture is usually passed on to the next generations. These are the rules that encompass political culture which are formal rules but also customs and traditions. Political culture is also a set of unstated rules that a society considers acceptable for the political behavior.…show more content…
The main types of political culture are Parochial, Subjective and Participant. According to (Anazodo, Agbionu, & Uche, p. 4), “Parochial political culture is the type of political culture that accounts for lack of interest and commitment on the part of the citizens towards what is happening in their political arena or the political environment”. A country in which this type of political culture is practiced is Nigeria. (Anazodo, Agbionu, & Uche) also adds that “Lack of orientation of Nigerians towards the political system has caused the country sustainable national development; and absolute lack of
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