The Three Major Factors: The Conquest Of Africa

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Isabella Draack Hour 2 World History William Kvebak The Conquest Of Africa As the world came upon the start of a new century, more and more powers grew desperate and hungry for land and more control. As more and more people wanted more land, Africa became available. Between 1450 and 1750 the Europeans traded with Africa. By the 19th century, the Europeans began exploring the lands of Africa, looking at all Africa had to offer. Henry Stanley, a journalist, is one of the people that sparked an interest in Africa. He traveled to Africa and found David Livingstone, who explored Africa thoroughly. The Europeans were motivated by three main factors, economic, political, and social. The Europeans wanted to expand. The Europeans used the military to force Africa into letting them have their land. Africa used their military to fight back. With both of them using their militaries, it often created conflict. he European imperialist designs and pressures of the late nineteenth century provoked African political and diplomatic responses and eventually military resistance. During and after the Berlin Conference various European countries sent out agents to sign so-called treaties of protection with the leaders of African societies, states, kingdoms, decentralized societies, and empires. The differential interpretation of these treaties by the contending forces often led to conflict between both parties and eventually to military encounters. For Europeans, these treaties meant that

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