The Three Major Impacts Of The American Industrial Revolution

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Early industrial revolution is using mechanized mass production to instead of hand-crafted works in the development of capitalism. In 1760s, it took place in Britain for the first time. In the middle 19th century, France, Germany, and the United States had completed Industrial revolution. It’s not only a revolution in production technology but also a revolution in the relationship of production. The main content of the following essay will show the reason American industrial revolution happen, three main important progress of American industrial revolution, the influence which caused by American Industrial revolution. There are many different factors that have led to the occurrence of American early industrial revolution. For this essay,…show more content…
The first effect of Industrial revolution is about the economy. Before industrial revolution, there was one problem in the American economy. That problem was labor shortage. Industrial revolution solved this problem. As Corona Brezina explained, “The new industrial production is the labor-saving methods in American industry.”8 New industry can let less worker to make more products. Secondly, for social effect of Industrial revolution, it’s urbanization. As H. J. Habakkuk explained, “After the industrial revolution, more people wanted to move to urban area from rural area.”9. After industrial revolution, the big city got more environment and condition. So, people think they can get more opportunities in the big cities which rise abruptly in succession. Then they began to move to urban. The consequence of this is the population of people are much more than the population of rural area. On the other hand, the improvement of agriculture is also very important effect of in industrial revolution. Although more people come to urban area and join the industry, but the provisionment hadn’t decrease or stop. As the reason which is offered by James Stuart Olson explained, “this happen is new technology make grain to be high production”10After, industrial revolution, transportation like rail road made it’s more convenient to transfer the agriculture products across country. Better industry and agriculture, and urbanization are vital effect of industrial
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