Essay On Career Success

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Individual Written Assignment #2 Career success is something that an individual possesses when they are able to go to bed at night with a full stomach and a roof over their head and go to work most days excited and eager to be there. To elaborate on this you need to make money to enjoy your career if you are not able to live off of the income you are making off of your career you may need to keep looking, notice here how I only said full stomach and a place to live. I never said that you needed to live in a multimillion dollar house with a 100,000 dollar car, you just need to earn enough to make ends meet and live comfortably. Secondly you need to enjoy what you are doing! If you do not like the work you are doing you are only going to lower your own quality of life. High job dissatisfaction leads to lower productivity, lower morale, and higher truancy during work and in your own…show more content…
First I need to graduate college, I am doing so with a Bachelor of Business and Administration in Entrepreneurship. Following that I plan on using networking, leadership experience and wrapping it up with an application! For networking, I have been with my current operator for 4 years and have been promised a letter of recommendation, one which she says will carry a lot of weight when I apply by her popularity and success with Chick-fil-A. I will also enter the application process with five to six years of experience with Chick-fil-A three or four of those will be as a key leader in our restaurant. I will also have had the opportunity to open a Chick-fil-A and serve as the general manager for the location giving me the opportunity to prove myself as the leader of the restaurant. Lastly I will send in my application and move through the rigorous application process taking anywhere from one to two
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