The Three Monsters In Beowulf

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(What the Three Monsters In Beowulf Represent)

Monster, an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening (https://www., have been floating around in the air since well forever. Whenever someone says monster they always think of a super ferocious beast that will steal you away and eat you alive in their cave. Course there is no such things as a large, ugly ferocious beastly monster, instead there are only monsters that we know truly exist or are other humans that do horrible monster like things. That, of course, doesn’t mean that creating or telling
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Grendel the ferocious monster of Cain who sneaks into the mead hall and snatches soldiers from their slumber to devour them in his marshy home. He represents physical evil because he’s up close and personal and will continue to do so until someone, Beowulf, comes and defeats them. There are many physical evils in this world and all the time you see them coming because they do not hide or pretend that they are not coming after you. And Grendel did just that he came after the soldiers and Beowulf, but what he didn’t expect was one of the sleeping soldiers to fight back. To be up front and physical with him as he was with the sleeping soldiers. This is a very vile evil, but the nest evil is definitely way more…show more content…
This is something that no one can escape from, it’s how the circle of life works. We all know what happens to a hero when they fight a very dangerous and powerful opponent, they die and sometimes their opponent dies with them. Course, many can’t defeat these more dangerous monsters alone, sometimes they have to have help and in the end conquer. On the poem Beowulf, Beowulf goes after the dragon, but ends up needing help, but even with the help of a mighty brave soldier, Beowulf dies and leaves kingship to the brave soldier. The Dragon, represents death because he was able to severely injure Beowulf, which leads to his death in the end after Beowulf and a brave soldier were able to kill the Dragon. Weather or not the Dragon injured Beowulf he was still going to die from old age or from another monster, you can not outrun Death, Death will always find you and will always claim you, it just depends on

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