The Three Most Important Values

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Prioritizing and arranging values were quite difficult. Taking precedence of what was most important in my life, I was able to align those core values. The three most important values for me are Love, Respect and Compassion. Covey’s page 307, really helped me depict these three and alter the definition to why I felt they were important to me. After reading and aligning my goals and mission I feel that love has a deeper meaning than caring. It is a feeling from our inner soul, which holds a piece of our hearts and affects how we react to certain situations. Respect, is a value earned from the way we present ourselves it can also be attributed to the way we were raised. Respect can be perceived differently in many cultures but ultimately can…show more content…
The goals I set will be achieved because I have confidence in myself. I cannot hold others accountable for the actions I do not take. I will pursue my desire to be healthy, by dedicating time and energy to my physical well-being. I will disclose how appreciative I am to others and help educate others in ways I know best”-Joanna Genao. My values and mission all align with my goals, putting myself and my family as top priorities. Based on the predominant value system, I would argue Quadrant I and II, hold the most of my values. I find myself to be very organized and disciplined. This does not mean that life occasionally interferes in getting things done. The factors which have allowed me to compile my values, are attributed to my experiences, my present and my future. Understanding what ranks highest among other priorities is my family. Love, respect and compassion have helped me become the person who I am today. Cherishing happiness and moments spent doing what I love the most, will enable me to be a better person and share the knowledge among others. My children and family will inherit the best qualities from me through experiences. My personal values also align with my philosophy on…show more content…
Prior to joining this course, I was under the perception business ethics was just based on the desires of the organization. Culture reflects the norm’s established in the organization. However, due to worldviews it is important to adapt procedures and guidelines which clearly state what is desired, to prevent misinterpretations. I have learned that there is more to Business Ethics and personal values. Culture, beliefs, influences, experiences and upbringing can all contribute to what we understand. As I described above my personal philosophy of life, follows many philosophical views which include those from Karl Marx, Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle and Bertrand Russell. Covey, was able to help me see a different perspective in my personal life. I have learned to prioritize and narrow down my values down based on what important to me. Creating my personal mission statement allows me to remember each day what I hold true and dear in my life. It is a constant reminder of goals I have set for myself. In establishing my professional business organization mission statement, I have learned to remain humble yet to establish guidelines which gives the company what they want and in return will allow me to get what I do as well. Business Ethics and Individual values both contribute to nourishing our knowledge bank, while helping us grow as individuals and professionals. This course has provided me with insight beyond what I could have imagined. I am a

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